Dear Warriors,

Over the last few versions of the World Domination event we spotted that new forms of exploits have been used. We define as exploit any action that is not planned on game design side or not accessible to every devices and results in an outcome that has not been purposely designed by our team.
This means that any use of a third party app in order to perform an ingame action or the use of any breach of game design with the purpose of tricking the game design mechanics to get unsual outcome is an exploit.

We are incorporating new metrics to help us identifying players cheating during the event. These metrics are not perfect yet and won't allow us to catch every single cheater but it is a step in the good directio. Starting with the upcoming event, sanctions will be given to the players caught by this new system.

Any player caught cheating will be taken out of the individual leaderboard and his score will also be deducted from his faction in the faction leaderboard. The potential Factions bonuses acquired won’t be affected though.
On top of that, the player will be banned from the game for the entire duration of the next World Domination event (ban starting a bit before on the day of the event and finishing by the next Tuesday).
Last but not least, after three of these World Domination bans, if a player is caught a fourth time, this player will be banned from any future World Domination events to come.

We hope that these sanctions will refrain players from using any form of exploit during the event.

For all these reasons, the rewards will come with a slight delay by the end of the week followong the event in order for us to run the metrics.

Thank you for your comprehension,