Dear players,

As you might be aware, Deca took over the support tickets system for quite some weeks now and our team had to face a huge backlog of tickets, some of them being open for months.

In order to tackle this backlog and improve the overall support answering times, we worked on recategorising all open tickets. This reworked internal categorisation allows us to tackle priority tickets faster and over time you should see a clear improvement on that topic. It won't happen overnight but this is on going process that we will keep on monitoring and improving.

As this categorisation is now completed for our entire backlog, we start answering big chunks of these tickets knowing what to tackle first and how.

For some older tickets related to problems that might not occur anymore or might be unclear or for which we do no have enough history information to help straight away, we will send a generic solving answer.

Over the next few weeks, you might then receive such answer. If your problem is still there, feel free to recontact us.

We know this is slightly inconvenient but it will help us start fresh with this system and focus on a better support going forward.

As said, we know this is a bit tideous but if we work together on, we will be able to improve our overall support standards.

Your Deca team.