Hi folks,

this is a temporary thread regarding matchmaking :

In this thread we want to gather feedback regarding matchmaking during the World Domination event.

Many players mentioned problems with the last edition so we ask you to please share your feedback.

- was the matchmaking faster or slower? For which rank of Factions? Was it always slower or faster? Did it only occur in specific times?

- would you like us to adjust the rematch waiting time to shorten the matchmaking time? Would you have any concerns with us reducing this rematch waiting time?

- with the last iterration we opened a lot the ranges for the criterias for matchmaking, in which way were you affected (which ranks) and would you like us to revert these changes?

We already discussed these topics with your game representatives and have a good idea on how to move forward but we also want to hear from you so we get as much feedback as possible. We also want to mention that we won't be able to make chabges and test them before the next version of the World Domination so it will most likely be modified for the following event.

This feedback thread will be closed next Monday after the Frontline event ends.

Please note that any off topic post will be deleted, we want to use this as a strictly matchmaking related discussion and focusing on the points mentioned above.

Feel free to also ask questions on the topic and we will answer to you as soon and as clearly as we possibly can.

Your Deca team