Daylight Saving Time Changes


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Thread: Daylight Saving Time Changes

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    Daylight Saving Time Changes

    Dear Players,

    As you might know, on the 28th of October 2018, Daylight Saving Time changes will take effect in many countries around the world (check the details per country here :

    This will not affect directly the game neither the events planned over this weekend. The event duration will remain the same, just keep in mind that if you are in a country affected by the daylight saving time change, the event will end an hour earlier that it usually does (but due to the hour “won” during the change, the total duration remains unchanged).

    Please note that in the US (and many other countries), the Daylight Saving Time change will only take place on the 4th of November 2018 and we will post a reminder as well as some more information on this next week.

    Thank you for your comprehension and enjoy the weekend,

    Your Deca team

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    Dear players,

    On the 4th of November, it’s the US turn to be effected by the Daylight Saving Changes. Our servers, like every year, will be impacted by this change and a downtime is expected. Here are the details of this downtime coming on Sunday:

    Game Down Time total duration : 3h30
    Start Time: 3h am EDT
    Stop Time: 6h30 am EDT

    Event Down Time total duration : 30 Min + Game Down time (3h30)
    Start Time: 2:30 am EDT
    Stop Time: 6:30 am EDT

    Thank you for your understanding,


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