Dear warriors,

Our latest update on iOS was made in order to fix a Frontline glitch. Since this update, many iOS players are reporting important performance issues. While our team is still working on optimizations to improve the performance on iOS, we would like to give you some more information on this situation.

First of all, our changes had nothing to do with performance parameters. We are confident that a rollback would not help as it seems that the lags players are facing are related to iOS 11/ iOS 12. This does not mean that it is Apple’s fault in any way, but as our game gets older, the compatibility with newer OS versions is more and more complicated on the backend side. We would need to update many elements, if not rewrite the entire the game to fully benefit from the newer iOS versions.

Right now, we need to find which elements we can upgrade and update to make the performance on these newer versions smoother within our limitations. We already released a fix for iOS 12 crashes few weeks ago and we will keep working on such optimizations.

Many have asked about the option to just do a rollback and besides what is mentioned above, it still does not appear as the best solution. For example, because the last update was a force update for both platforms, a rollback would have to happen on both platforms and also on the Server code. This would require a huge time and effort for all teams and could mean several days/weeks of downtime for the game. On top of this, GDPR compliance fixes have been already rolled out. So we would need to re do these update as well. All of this without any guarantee that the performance would be drastically better.

Given the above constraints, we do not plan to go for a rollback. However, we would want to reassure that, we are taking up the iOS performance as a priority task for the developers and try to get improvements released as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.