Dear warriors,

Last weekend, we decided to run a test version of the FrontLine event after a few reports of missing gold related to the gold deploy option in the game.

Over the weekend, we did not receive further feedback or new relevant cases via support despite our call for it. We also analyzed our database and found out that the gold which is gone missing is due to on-going memcache issue wherein from time to time players loose gold (and we are able to give them back that once they reach out through CS) and has nothing to do with the FL Event or its deploys.

We can now confirm that the issue we faced few weeks ago is fixed and that what was reported by the players over the last two test events are just usual missing gold cases that are not related to the FrontLine event neither are impacting more players.

Our support agents have been informed and will be able to track any missing gold reported by a player and, if indeed, gold went missing without any player action, they will grant this gold back. If you face such issue, during the FrontLine event or at any other moment during your gaming experience, please contact our support.

Now that we have confirmed that the FrontLine event is working as expected, we will bring it back in two weeks, following the usual schedule for weekend events.

Thank you again for reporting this issue early enough and for your understanding.