Dear warriors,

Yesterday we ran a test Frontline Event and during this test a few players reported that the deploy gold issue we faced during the last Frontline event was still present.
After early analysis of the few cases reported, it appears that this issue is not technically identical and affects a smaller number of players. That being said, the affected players seem to have lost gold on deploys due to the heavy lags they were facing. These few cases were not enough for us to fully reproduce and therefore understand and fix the issue.

As we do not want to take the risk of running the event with such potential issue popping and because we need to further investigate this issue, we took the decision to turn this weekend Frontline event in a test Frontline event that will help us identifying this issue while limiting the risks for the community.

As with any other regular test event, rewards won’t include any bonuses and any gold usage in this event is made at your own risks.

Would you face the issue mentioned above, please try to capture a video of it and send it to our support using the title “Test FrontLine Gold Deploy”. If you help us by sharing a video (ideally with reproduction steps) with us, our support team will be able to grant you back the lost gold.

We need as many players as possible to take part in this test event to give us the best chances in understanding and killing this issue. For this reason, this event will include a few more units than usual in the individual goals as an incentive for everyone participating without making the event too competitive or increasing risks for our players. Daily missions will also run this weekend as another incentive to participate in the event.

The gold that we intended to include in the goals for this event as part of the latest compensation won’t be included and will, instead, be added to the next regular Frontline event running.

Thank you a lot for your understanding and your cooperation,