Game takes 3-5 minutes to load every time


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Thread: Game takes 3-5 minutes to load every time

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    Game takes 3-5 minutes to load every time

    iphone8 was 20 seconds to start game a couple of weeks ago ...... now it's 3 minutes

    ipad 2nd gen, was ~40-50 seconds ....... now it's 5 minutes and 1 of of 4 times it crashes back to 'desktop' ...

    It's hard enough to justify playing this game any longer, waiting 5 minutes just for for 1st (of several) pop-up screens to appear is just dumb. There I said it ...

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    Game often gives error message with retry button on droid that cannot connect to server...
    Both versions (droid and iOS) are damaged.

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    iphone8 was 20-30 sec to start game. now 2-3 mins for me.
    iphone6 was much slower previously. now iphone6 load much faster than iphone8.
    not sure what happen.

    deca claim that it is due to IOS 12... dun think that should cause problem in loading...

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    Looks like this game has only gotten worse.

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    I have tryed and used around 30 second change accounts.

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