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    Mass Exodus Elite Top 30

    Mass Exodus Elite top 30


    Want a change of pace? Ready to bring it in battle?

    Mass Exodus Elite may be recruiting you! Do you want more out of your Syndicate experience? Take a chance in joining a new family. We offer around the clock battle, Raid boss and street assault events.

    Requirements: Active participation in all events (SLTQ, Raid Boss, Battle Weekends, Etc.).*
    Download and use of Line Chat room application.**
    Donations of all resources to help us grow.

    Search for ID: ddarkocell , wcw_ddarko , evol_ddarko
    Syndicate code: 816469795

    Most of our members do use Gold; appreciate and capitalize on all used.**

    Are you active?*
    Can you score 100k IP during a 3 day battle?*
    Decent stats for your level?*
    Want a boost in stats from our bonuses?
    Did your current synd complete top 30 the past 4 battles in battle?
    Along with street assault?
    We're a fun group of people looking to fill Mass Exodus back to a full syndicate and can progress to the top. Come join a winning team.*

    All members are required to be active and communicate.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Hello, i’m looking for a syndacate. Started a new caracter after 3 years. Idk what does decent caracter means now, i’m level 9 with 120B? attack no syndacate atm.

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    I have a syndicate if you are still looking

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