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    Epic Boss Reloaded - Revamp details

    [Edit] The Event is live!
    Please let us know your feedback on Reddit or by contacting the game support team!


    Dear Knights,

    In the last few months we’ve looked carefully at your discussions in the community and gave you the chance to have a direct dialogue with us through AMAs and producer letters and, among all the topics discussed, the Epic Boss came up quite often.

    The general feedback about the Epic Boss was the lack of challenge and rewards that were outdated compared to reward pool of other events and these are the main points we wanted to tackle with the revamp of the Epic Boss.

    A challenging request

    Morgan, the armorsmith, has a new task for you!

    Oy Knight,

    I discovered some marvellous armor artefacts. They are very similar to some current ones but I can see that they hold some hidden power. With your help, I am sure I can make something out of it.However, my craftsmanship would need to be polished....Collect tokens by killing those huge monsters and come back to me, I’ll make those armors great again!

    Overview on the concept.

    We received enthusiastic feedback regarding the concept of our past seasonal events, we decided thus to implement the idea in the Epic Boss Event. In the new Epic Boss event you will be able to collect shards in milestones and leaderboard that will allow you to upgrade the base armor used for this event up to T20.

    While the armor you can upgrade will change every month, the shards needed to craft the upgrade armor will always be the same. This means it will be up to you to keep upgrading the armor of a specific month up to T20 or use your shards to upgrade the armor of the following month. Decide which power stats, elements or armor looks suit you better.Save or use your shards, that’s your decision!
    Our plan is to roll the Revamp this Wednesday,6pm Berlin Time!

    More about the new Epic Boss armor.
    • The base armor will be given out as a login reward at the beginning of the month. The first one will be available on the 5th day of the currently login reward. The name of current month armor is Zircon Squallsuit.
    • Every month there will be a new Epic Boss armor to upgrade with increased stats
    • You can still upgrade the armor from the previous month if you prefer, the shards and armors needed to upgrade will be the same.
    • This means the base armor is not craftable.
    • Make sure to keep this armor!
    • You can upgrade this armor up to T20, with each tier upgrade increasing the stats of the armor up to 9163 ATT/7171 DEF

    Shards, booster armors and jewelry
    • In each Epic Boss event you can find 1000 shards. 650 of these will be available as milestone rewards and up to 350 in the leaderboard based on your rank.
    • Crafting a booster armor for the the base Epic Boss armor will cost 100 shards. This means you will need a total of 1900 shards to upgrade the armor to T20
    • The shards and the booster armors needed for the tier upgrades will be the same every month.
    • With the same shards, you will also have the chance to craft the jewelry items for this armor, which will cost 50 shards per piece
    • Boost the armor by **combining** the base armor with the upgrade armor (Do not enhance it!)

    Difficulty adjustments.
    • As we greatly improved the total value of the rewards pool, the difficulty of the event was also accordingly adjusted.
    • Instead of the previous 200 levels to complete, the max level of the Epic Boss has been reduced to 151
    • The stats will increase more steadily than in the current version with the final Boss stats capped at 7000 ATT / 3000 DEF / 200000 HP at level 151.
    • Please note though that the best way to retrieve feedback is once the event is public to all the players, we will adjust the difficulty if needed.

    Other Changes
    • We are still working on changing the UI of the event, but it will take a bit longer to adapt it to the new version of the epic boss.
    • The classic epic boss armor will still be available to craft in the milestone rewards to let lower players crafting up their Epic armor. This might change in the future.
    • Other milestones rewards have been updated

    Armor Collection
    • In order to reward those of you that reach higher armor tiers in a shorter time, an armor collection event will be available through the month.
    • By reaching certain epic boss armor tiers you can obtain even more rewards through the armor collection event:

    Requirement Reward
    Zircon Squallsuit T1 Air Fusion Boost Armor II x2
    Zircon Squallsuit T5 Air Fusion Boost Ring II x3
    Air Fusion Boost Amulet II x3
    Zircon Squallsuit T10 Air Fusion Boost Armor III x2
    Air Fusion Boost Ring III x2
    Air Fusion Boost Amulet III x2
    Zircon Squallsuit T15 Air Fusion Boost Armor IV x1
    Air Fusion Boost Ring IV x1
    Air Fusion Boost Amulet IV x1
    Silver Coin x1
    Zircon Squallsuit T20 Water Artifact x1 (Season 26 Exclusive Shard)
    Silver Coin x3

    * In the future, the armor collection will reward even more players that manage to collect two consecutive T20 epic boss armors!

    Feedback and future adjustments

    We believe that, with these changes, the epic boss becomes a lot more fun, challenging and rewarding to play and we’ve put a lot of effort in balancing it well.

    Your feedback will be extremely important for us to make future adjustments and optimise it, so please share your thoughts with us once you’ve tried it out!

    We are also thinking about removing the necessary minion waves after each Epic Boss kill, this is something that we find tedious and doesn't add anything to the game.


    Our plan is to roll the Revamp this Wednesday,6pm Berlin Time!

    We hope you’re excited as much as we are to check the new epic boss event out and we would be very glad to read your feedback and initial thoughts about the changes mentioned above!

    Battle on,

    The DECA Knights
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