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    Battle for Empire City leaderboard status update

    Hi Mobsters,

    As most of you noticed, there have been issues with the Individual and Syndicate leaderboards of the last version of our Battle for Empire City event. We deeply apologize for the frustration this has caused.
    Our team has been looking into ways to fix this leaderboard issue since Saturday but unfortunately the causes were external and therefor no fix could be applied before the end of the event.

    Now that the event is over, we can fix the issue on server side with our external partner to prevent this from happening again.

    As already mentioned before, we will make sure that you receive your proper rewards before the next weekend event starts. We will also share a ranking list by tomorrow on our forums.

    We want to apologize once more for this issue and will be discussing with your community representatives about compensations.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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