ℹJuly 18: Rewards Lists


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Thread: ℹJuly 18: Rewards Lists

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    ℹJuly 18: Reward List's

    Going to try this as a simple list rather than the other way. It will be easier to keep ontop of aswell as easier to find something! ☺

    ℹ"Click to View"ℹ
    ✔ Straight to the .PNG/JPG Image File ✔
    [NB: Stats are all "Million" unless stated with "K" or "B"]

    1st July 2018
    1. End of Month List:🔹️JuneMissions
    2. Daily Login Rewards:🔸️Totals & Collections
    3. LTQ: 24Hour Defence🔹️Oriental Motive

      2nd July 2018
    4. Hot Off The Truck:🔸️Crooked Sale
    5. LTQ: Standard 4D Attack:🔹️Crazy Eviction
    6. H&R: Smooth Eradication🔸️Indi Kills & LB
      H&R: Smooth Eradication🔹️Indi Points & LB
      H&R: Smooth Eradication🔸️Chains & Synd Goals
    7. Epic Boss🔹️Kenneth Graham

      3rd July 2018
    8. LTQ: 24Hour Defence🔸️Insane Invade

      4th July 2018
    9. Lockbox🔹️Abuse of Authority

      5th July 2018
    10. LTQ: 24Hour Attack🔸️Uninspected Assault

      6th July 2018
    11. Hot Off The Truck🔹️Ginklas Sale
    12. BFEC: Slick Racketeers🔸️Syndicate LB
      BFEC: Slick Racketeers🔹️Individual LB
      BFEC: Slick Racketeers🔸️Syndicate Goals
      BFEC: Slick Racketeers🔹️Individual Goals

      9th July 2018
      Hardcore Boss🔸️Bradley Watson (CANCELLED)
    13. Epic Boss: Jonathan Mathiasen🔹️Goals
      Epic Boss: Jonathan Mathiasen🔸️Loot
    14. LTQ: Standard 4D Defence🔹️Hidden Intel

      10th July 2018
    15. LTQ: 24Hour Defence🔸️Furious Offender

      11th July 2018
    16. LTQ: 24Hour Attack🔹️Calm Assassin
    17. Lockbox🔸️Violation Rights

      13th July 2018
    18. Street Assault🔹️Peculiar Pattern
      (Sorry, Didn't make any sheets for few days!)
      DailyMissions, Thanks Sherry for missing Info 😃

      16th July 2018
    19. Hot Off The Truck🔸️Nerve Sale
    20. Syndicate LTQ: Attack🔹️One-Sided Trial

      17th July 2018
    21. RB: Wendy Dow🔸️Highest / Most / Tokens LB
      RB: Wendy Dow🔹️Damage LB
      RB: Wendy Dow🔸️Loot
      RB: Wendy Dow🔹️Goals
    22. LTQ: 24Hour Defence🔹️Innocent Prey

      18th July 2018
    23. Lockbox🔸️Wrong Judgement

      19th July 2018
    24. LTQ: 24Hour Attack🔹️Marked Target

      20th July 2018
    25. Hot Off The Truck🔸️New Demons Sale
    26. BFEC: Immoral Demise🔹️Syndicate LB
      BFEC: Immoral Demise🔸️Individual LB
      BFEC: Immoral Demise🔹️Syndicate Goals
      BFEC: Immoral Demise🔸️Individual Goals

      23rd July 2018
    27. Epic Boss: Mary R. Hoyt🔹️Goals
      Epic Boss: Mary R. Hoyt🔸️Loot
    28. LTQ: Standard 4D Attack🔹️Veiled Evidence
    29. H&R: Unnecessary Brutality🔸️Leaderboards
      H&R: Unnecessary Brutality🔹️Goals 1
      H&R: Unnecessary Brutality🔸️Goals 2

      24th July 2018
    30. Hot Off The Truck🔹️Anniversary Sale

      25th July 2018
    31. LTQ: 24Hour Defence🔸️Hiden Brigand
    32. Lockbox🔹️Deadly Crook

      26th July 2018
    33. LTQ: 24Hour Attack🔸️(Missed Event, No Sheet)

      27th July 2018
    34. Street Assault🔹️Grave Danger (CANCELLED)
      See Official Announcement by Kamesennin

      28th July 2018
    35. Hot Off The Truck🔸️Bottom Sale

      30th July 2018
    36. HCB or EB??🔹️Lucas Martin (CONFIRMATION?)
    37. LTQ: Standard 4D Defence🔸️Messy Execution

      31st July 2018
    38. July2018 DailyMission ♻️ Rewards
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    Nice job!
    Line ID: clementine88

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    Consistent Contributor Dj SyLambert's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vile Lynn View Post
    Nice job!
    Thanks ☺ think i missed a couple from last month tho been too busy lol

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    Steady Scribe Pete Delgado's Avatar
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    Nice easy list of events!!!!!!!! 👌

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    Consistent Contributor Dj SyLambert's Avatar
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    May 2018
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    Sorry guys didn't do any for the weekend just gone.. missed about 4 days including SA lol

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