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Thread: Next HCB cancelled

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    Next HCB cancelled

    Greetings Lords and Ladies,

    We're sorry to inform you that the HCB that was scheduled to start on 7/23 (Mon) is cancelled and will be replaced with the Epic Boss Return of Axnar due to persisting technical issues with the Daily Rank Point reward payout.

    Our engineers are currently finishing up on a fix but this will not be finalized in time for the event so we decided to cancel the HCB instead of letting it run with a defective Daily Rank Point system.
    We hope to have the HCB running in the next cycle.

    The duration of this EB will be shortened from 5 days to 4 days so it won't overlap with the Conquest of Kings event. We also reduced the health of the bosses so you can complete the goals within the duration of the event.
    • -25% health reduction for level 1-79 bosses
    • -10% health reduction for level 80-150 bosses

    We apologize for the inconvenience but we hope you enjoy the events in game!

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