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    SA Peculiar Pattern reward issue

    Hi Mobsters,


    We are aware there is an issue with the below Influence Increase rewards in the Street Assault Peculiar Pattern currently running in-game.

    • Syndicate (Elite): SA: Peculiar Pattern (15/15) - Peculiar Luxury Bomb (+10% Influence Increase)
    • SA: [TEMP] Peculiar Pattern Influence Prize (1/10-10/10) - Peculiar Skidmark (+3% Influence Increase)

    The Peculiar Luxury Bomb +10% IP is displaying as a temporary bonus, while the Peculiar Skidmark +3% IP is showing as a permanent bonus. Usually these bonuses are the other way around where the Syndicate 15/15 goal should be a permanent bonus while the Individual goals should give out temporary bonus rewards.
    Since players have pushed for the individual goals, which are usually temp IP bonuses, we will keep those as permanent bonsues.

    To sum up, below are the changes that will be made to the bonuses of the below prizes:
    • Peculiar Luxury Bomb - Temp +10% Influence Increase -> Permanent +10% Influence Increase
    • Peculiar Skidmark - Permanent +3% Influence Increase (will remain a permanent bonus)

    We will make sure these rewards that you received will be fixed to how they originally should be at the latest by 7/18 (Wed).

    We apologize again for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy the end of the SA!

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