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Thread: ⚠️BFEC: Slick Racketeers

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    ⚠️BFEC: Slick Racketeers

    Unsure if anything has been reported to Deca or not but here is a list of issues that people have been mentioning this weekend.. Some still ongoing

    🔹️Game freezing when hitting

    🔸️Game shutting down when hitting

    🔹️Gold not paid out after purchase

    🔸️Upto 6mins time reported for 1 hit
    (From those i spoke with, inventory wipe participants seem unaffected)

    (Just been informed of a player taking 16mins to make a hit and will no longer even login to game

    🔹️Scores/Leaderboard not matching

    🔸️Players disappear from Leaderboards

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    and not one fk was given in deca's office!

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    I sent in a complaint (last one I’ll ever send in). Received a timely reply basically informing me how to play the game. Literally LOL while reading it. This game is a bad joke. Can’t kill boss’s that won’t appear. Don’t give a rats azz if my team meets goal or not. Lucky if they participate in any events at all. Been playing this game pretty much since it hit the App Store so it’s doubtful I need instruction of game play. What is needed is a game that plays with 100% less “game play” issues!!

    End of rant.

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