Hey Modern Warriors,

First of all we would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty to the game. We deeply apologize for the continued inconvenience caused by the recent issues in game.

We have discussed with your community representatives for the DNS Issue starting on June 11th where players were locked out of the game for up to several days.

The compensation for the DNS issue will have two parts. The General Compensation will be available for everyone in the form of a daily login reward, which will be available starting from tomorrow for up to 1 week so make sure you login to the game by then!
The content of the General Compensation will include the below:

  • DNS Goliath (6% Alliance Defense)
  • DNS Gull-Bringer (+3% Sea Attack)
  • Health x 10
  • Logistics x 50

The second part of the compensation will be targeted for those players who were locked out for more than 24hrs and were not able to participate in events on June 11-12. The players who were eligible for these awards are those who logged in at least once between June 8th 00:00 PST and June 11th 13:59:59 PST (before the end of the FL event) but were not able to login by June 12th 23:59:59 PST. We are aware this doesn’t cover everyone but it is difficult for us to determine who was actually locked out from our logs.
The content of the Targeted Compensation will include the below and will be sent out via a script:

  • [LB Daily Reward] Castle B Templar x 2 (+2% Frontline Points)
  • [EB Daily reward] Lennox Sutherland x 2 (+3% Sea Attack)
  • Logistics x 50
  • Health x 10
  • RnD x 300

In addition, we have prepared a megabundle sale prepared for you this weekend and we will continue to discuss with your representatives the compensations for the other issues in-game. We will update you here once the other compensations are decided on.

We thank you again for your continued patience and we hope to resolve the persisting issues in-game as soon as we are able.