Hi Modern Warriors

Regarding missing buildings we will be trying a new process to make sure everyone gets their buildings and building levels back.

We will temporarily reduce the construction time for all buildings with >1 hour construction time to zero so you can instantly place your buildings on your base.

Those of you who have disappearing buildings or lost levels, please send a ticket with the heading “MW Lost Building”. If you already received your missing buildings but haven’t gotten them upgraded, please resend a ticket with a reference to the original ticket to have them upgraded.

For all new tickets about disappearing buildings or buildings losing level, we will follow the following process:
  1. Customer Service will ask for building names that have disappeared and the former building level
  2. The buildings that disappeared will be gifted back as items
  3. You will be asked to place and send another ticket to upgrade their buildings within 24hours with the same ticket or referencing the ticket where they originally requested the building
  4. Customer Service will upgrade your buildings

We apologize for the continued inconvenience and how to remedy this issue as soon as possible. Best of luck with your battles in-game!