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Thread: SA Bug

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    Angry SA Bug

    My sync has just completed 9/9 perfect goal

    I havenít been credited the reward
    Should have 2/8 of Hooligan Shaving Cans
    1 from 4/4 and the 9/9 1
    Still on 1/8

    Ticket sent in. Can this be looked into pls thatís twice now itís happened to me

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    Hey -Batman-,

    If you have sent a ticket, your issue will be resolved by the CS team.

    Do not worry about a thing

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    That’s what I thought when I reported the support email address being incorrect on Android, 6 months ago. Support said it was fixed ( a 10 year could do it in 2 minutes), but despite half the people in the game sending tickets and complaining on here, nothing gets done.

    So, say what you want on here because we know that most of the time, nothing happens.

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