My main Guilds Champion & a few others have noticed a dramatic change during last couple of updates :

Significant 'rollback' of data , loss of bought Gems within a certain timeframe , loss of items being crafted & the materials that were previously there to craft them with . Loss of earned Pets , Items & Epic & Arena Energies , but not War Energy of some reason .

Also losing placing on Epic Boss Milestones - ie from Lvl 46 back to Lvl 17 - BUT NOT a loss of total points of damage ?

Champion has contacted help , but no joy so far . He & others are extremely reluctant to purchase Gems etc , as they get charged for them THEN will possibly lose them ?
I've had very minor version of this when game crashes - losing daily Gems or Arena Energies I earned 5 minutes before the Crash - but some are losing DAYS of items , Gem Rewards , Crafted items etc & this is really not on . ESPECIALLY if you want them to continue playing - it might not even be worth them going free-to-play , as losses are so frustrating .

I've suggested going from 'Auto Updating' to manual updating like I have to do , but no idea if this will help those in other countries etc .

Any help or light shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated . Thanx .