Temp bonus visual changed!!!


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Thread: Temp bonus visual changed!!!

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    Temp bonus visual changed!!!

    Normally in the past when one won temp bonuses from such as VnV whether it be the -5% thought the -5% x 4 for the top 10 which equaled a -20% [Temp] Health Regen until date towards end of the COK Wars, the visual always showed what was won. IT looks like this month though they have changed that and don't be surprised if when you actually check atm, you will see not what one expected to see but you will see whatever you won minus 1% of what you used to see.

    This is annoying and BS IMHO as we all understand the normal multiplicative affect regarding Health Regens but, the fact that their actually not showing the reward totals as they used to just throws more confusion in to the mix and, will they start modifying other screens and results for other rewards temp or not to start showing minus what was originally showing before?

    I did send in a TT btw as it was a shock to me to see that there was a 1% less total showinfg from what was posted as the total rewards for the VnV event.

    Hi, I am wondering what's up? After completing the VnV event, I had placed so that I should be getting a total of 15% temp regen bonus for the upcoming war. When I looked today to see what was awarded, it shows 14% not 15%! Why?
    and from another account
    I sent in another similar report from my other toon as it seems for some reason after the VnV ended and I showed I was getting the total of 15% temp health regen for the upcoming war, when I checked today it shows I only have 14% temp regen instead of 15%! Whats up with that?
    The response was:
    Gil Hill (GREE International Inc.)

    Jun 12, 22:08 PDT

    Hello Warrior,

    Thank you for contacting Kingdom Age support and providing the screenshot.

    From your message, I see that you are referring to (temp) Health Regen Time bonus and I will definitely assist you in this matter.

    After reviewing your account, I see that your (temp) Health Regen Time bonus is -14.2625%. Let me tell you that health boosts are multiplicative. Multiplicative bonuses are determined by subtracting the bonus from 1. So a 5% bonus is .95 (1- 0.05), and multiplicative bonuses are multiplied together.

    Here's a concrete example from one of the developers:

    If a player has two 5% multiplicative bonuses and two 15% multiplicative bonuses of the same type, instead of having a combined 40% bonus, he would have a combined 34% bonus (.95*.95*.85*.85) = .652, which, when subtracted from 1, is .348, or a .34 (34%) bonus. Compare this with two additive bonuses of 5% and two additive bonuses of 15%, which would look like 1 + .05 + .05 + .15 + .15 or 1.4, or a combined 40% total bonus.

    I believe this information is useful to you.
    I'm not sure where they are seeing any two two 5% multiplicative bonuses and two 15% multiplicative bonuses of the same type on regard to the Temp Rewards either but, regardless as stated previously most of us understand the multiplicative affect regarding Health Regens, and that is not the issue but the issue is that their now not showing the full Temp Bonus Rewards as had been seen before. Again will they also be starting to change other rewards totals we see in either the Temp bonus areas or in other regular bonus areas?

    If you were one that got Temp Health Regen Bonuses look now to see what is showing there so at least you wont be shocked when COK Wars start. Maybe even send in a TT to let them know your feelings on such a visual change, etc.
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