HCB only 2 days of points given


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Thread: HCB only 2 days of points given

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    HCB only 2 days of points given

    I placed 1st all four days of HCB and ended up with 20 points. I have send in a ticket and heard nothing after the 2nd day really!!!!!!!

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    Received 10 points less than my scored points on all 3 accounts.

    Who ever is running this show (Gree, Deca or what ever) shut this game down. You are the laughing stock of the gaming community!
    This game is completely ****ed up.

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    Yep got to agree went to bit of effort on day 2 and then day 4 as believed we were getting 20 points for day 1 and 3 but only allocated the 2 genuine fighting days pretty poor as game issue yet again.

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