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    HCB Tamara Coppinger daily points issue

    Hi Mobsters,

    We are aware that the HCB Tamara Coppinger this week also has issues with incorrect total daily point scores. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are still working on a fix for this issue.

    The proper rewards will be sent out on the 5th of June (Tue) to those who miss rewards that they deserved and we will make sure to extend the temporary bonuses so you can have the full advantage of them in coming events.

    Sorry again for the continued issues and will keep you updated if necessary here,


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    Hi Mobsters,

    We started sending out the daily points rewards for HCB Tamara Coppinger that were not gifted and you should see them over the next 24 hours. Regarding the BfEC and the RB temp bonuses, we will extend them tomorrow so you can use them during the coming events.

    Good luck with the events currently in-game!


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    Well, there was another snag and anything that wasn't awarded will be after SA, more specifically on Tuesday/Wednesday.... we'll keep following up until all HCB rewards are issued
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    Hi Mobsters,

    Sorry for the continued inconvenience, but due to some issues with the pay out script, the rewards were not paid out to everyone.
    The rewards are currently being sent out, but this should take some more time as there are more than 400k items that need to be sent out.

    In addition, due to the fact that daily points for Day 3 was not logged properly in the HCB Tamara Coppinger, we added an additional 10 daily points as well as the rewards for to all those who participated in the event on Day 4.
    After discussions with your community representatives, we have decided to also include 2 sets of the below prizes which are rewarded for a top daily rank.

    • 2x Coppinger Piranha ZR (-1% Empire City Health Regen)
    • 2x Coppinger Longhorn (+3% Explosive Defense)
    • 2x Coppinger P1 Manta (+2% Explosive Attack)

    Just as a reminder, the temporary bonuses have already been extended for the BfEC (starting on june 15th) and RB (starting on June 25th).

    We apologize again for the inconvenience and wish you good luck in-game.

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    Hi Mobsters,

    The script for the reward pay out has completed and the prizes for the HCB Tamara Coppinger daily points and ranks should be all out.

    If you still haven't received your rewards, please send a ticket to customer support (en-support@gree.net) with the following headline: "HCB Tamara Coppinger prizes not yet received"

    In the ticket please include your player account information and the specific rewards that you are missing. If you have screenshots it would be much appreciated for us to get you the prizes you deserve.


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