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    June Hit Wave Event

    Dear Knights,

    After the Anniversary event that kept all of us busy during May, we’ve a smaller event for you all during the month of June.

    The June Hit Wave event will give you a chance to win extra rewards and power up your special armors just by actively participating in the weekend events. This event is an additional chance for all of you to improve your Christmas (Yule Envoy), Lunar New Year (Legacy of Panhu) and Anniversary (Decatron) armors!

    How does it work?

    For each weekend event in June (3 Guild Wars and 2 Raid Bosses), there will be just one community milestone set at a medium difficulty. By reaching it, the extra rewards for that event will be credited to every player!


    Guild War 01.06
    M1: 1.8B points → +10% on the Yule Envoy armors (T10 would now have 14757 total max stats)

    Raid Boss 08.06
    M1: 2,000B points → 4 Silver Coins

    Guild War 15.06
    M1: 1.8B → +7.5% on the Legacy of Panhu armors (T10 would now have 14906)

    Raid Boss 22.06
    M1: 2,000B points → 5 Spirit Ring & Amulet Fusion boosts (III)

    Guild War 29.06
    M1: 1.8B → +40% on the Decatron armors boost armors (854 stats per armor for a max of 14540)

    The rewards will be credited a few days after the end of the events, once the milestone analysis is complete.

    Get a nice cold drink and get ready for the June Hit Wave!

    Battle on!
    The DECA Knights.
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