Hi Modern Warriors,

We have finished the initial closed beta of inventory wipe to reduce the lag caused by very large player inventories. This feature will wipe only units without bonuses that do not contribute to your power in the game.

We are preparing for the global roll out for this first version of the inventory wipe and the tentative release date is May 30th. If there is any change in the release date, we will let you know here.

The beta results have been positive with no significant issues reported at all although the lag improvements were largely seen on Android. For IOS, there is still a bottleneck caused by some legacy IOS code, which we are still in the process of updating. We anticipate to see lag improvements for IOS once the code is updated.

The majority in a poll voted to implement the current version of the wipe globally so we have decided to roll out this inventory wipe feature to all eligible players. The players who are eligible for the wipe are those with more than 9,000 units.

It will take around 24hrs for the script to implement the inventory wipe for all players. But for each player, the downtime for the wipe process will only take around 10 minutes.

Depending on your device platform you will see the below popups during the 10 minute wipe downtime.



You can check how many of your units has been wiped by noting the change in the # of units on your profile stats before and after the wipe. To get an accurate measure it would be best to note the # of units immediately before and after the time of the wipe.