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    Raid Extended 24 Hours WITH NO WARNING! We want our spent Gems Back! X-

    Our Teams spent a huge amount of Gems to reach various Milestones during this Raid ... and with LESS THAN AN HOUR to go , it gets bloody extended ????

    I REALLY didn't want burn 134 Gems to Reach 80 Million , but my main Guild is into Top #20 , didn't want to let the Team down & needed those Pets to Evolve a 5* Tier IV one . With 24 extra hours , I could've EASILY reached 80 Million using 30 or 40 Gems ...

    So along with the Armour Fusing muck ups , I feel as though we're owed some sort of refund on our used Gems or a very an extremely sincere apology & explanations .

    Sure you have far more annoyed players than the 117 just in our Guilds .

    We await your response ...

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    It's been quiet in all fronts and I am not happy about that either.

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