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    Happy Birthday Deca & Bring Your Friends Event

    Dear Knights,

    Tomorrow is a special day for us and we hope it is for you too! May the 5th is the first anniversary of DECA taking over the operations for Knights & Dragons and we prepared a lot of great things for you to celebrate together during the whole month of May, as a thank you for the support you showed us and for playing with us!

    May 5th

    During this day you will see some extra chests with more valuable content than usual together with an additional day of 40% sales on gems!
    And yes, there is also a gift for you all. We will send to every Knights & Dragons player 10 Thunderstorm Flask shards that will allow you to craft an armor of your choice from the season that was running once we started this adventure together with you.

    Bring your friends event

    Playing Knights & Dragons is more fun when you are surrounded by your friends, therefore we decided to run the event we first planned in December and reward you for bringing more of your friends into the game!
    All you need to do is spread the word and bring your friends to the game to join us all for the celebration. Here you can see the milestones and the rewards you can all receive for reaching them:
    • 1000 more Knights → 2 silver coins
    • 3000 more Knights → 5 Raid energy + 5 War energy + 1 Zenit Shard
    • 5000 more Knights → 10 Raid energy + 10 War energy + 3 Zenit Shards
    • 7000 more Knights → 6 Zenit Shards

    The rewards are cumulative, e.g. reaching the last milestone means all rewards listed will be given out.

    The event starts now and runs until next Friday, May 11th. The results will be announced during the following week.

    What’s next?

    Next week we will share the vision statement for the next 12 months, something we’ve been working on for the last few weeks to help us define the path we want to walk together with you during the next year. This will be followed by an AMA to let you all ask us general questions about Knights & Dragons.

    On top of this, a new big special community event will start at the end of next week to celebrate all together with new special armors and cooperative efforts

    Last but not least, during the month we will launch a community contest for all the creatives out there! Have you ever wanted to design your own armor and play with it on Knights & Dragons? Then gather your ideas and be ready for an armor design contest!

    We hope you are excited as we are for all of this, stay tuned for more detailed information!

    Battle on!
    The DECA Knights
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