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    MULTIPLE Crash's becoming a problem - Arena & Heroic Mode especially ?

    At the tail end of last Heroic mode , we've started to notice many crashes when doing long - 6-8 Phase ones - Areas on the Map . IF they just reset to the start of that Area , then it wasn't much of a problem , BUT if you were booted off an Area COMPLETELY , then you'd not only lose Hit Points but also the Friend's daily slots that helped you . EXTREMELY annoying if your doing many runs on the Hardcore stages !

    Arena : there is now a small 'pause' in the Game when a Arena Energy is regenerated . No matter where you are in the game - fighting Epic Bos , Raid Boss , Adventuring etc - it will stop for a couple of seconds & the Elements Symbol will swirl around & then continue . Irritating but acceptable . Main problem comes when it happens during a Arena Duel ( and sometimes fighting in a War ) , where action will stop & the game will crash . This occasionally happens without an Energy being regenerated in the Arena - you Win a Battle & DO NOT get a 'Victory' notice and your stuck in the Arena , can't hit the 'x' exit button & the options button doesn't help . Have to shut down screen & restart the Game , to find your Win hasn't been registered & any energy is gone anyway !
    This particularly unfair on Free-to-Play Knights , who rely on spaced out attacks to get 6 , 8 , 9 or even 10 run streeks ( with the +2 Energies at 6 Wins ) & put them off taking part in the Tournaments . Under 6,000 Players took part this week ( last I looked ) , compared to over 10,000 when I started this account in July 2016 .

    Crashes overall are by far the worse I've seen for myself & others have mentioned since the 'bad days' in middle of 2014 , in the World server game .

    On a side note apparently iOS users with very new devices can somehow cheat & almost never lose a PvP battle if their careful . Don't really understand how , but it's been mentioned in Guild chat & outside the game . Glad I'm on a basic Android device & don't have to worry about that sort of thing !

    Anyway just thought I'd give you a heads up GREE people & hope some of these issues can be resolved .

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    I have been advised to get rid of excess junk from your inventory (like rings and amulets) and that helps reduce some of these random pauses....

    but ya I have been getting the crashes a lot too. Seems to happen a lot with the events for me.

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