Dear Knights,

As we mentioned in a previous post announcement, we added some extra shards in the upcoming Guild War milestones and prepared a login event for you as an additional compensation for the problems encountered during the weekend.

Now that the shards from yesterday’s compensation have been distributed across the servers, we are ready to go into details of what you should expect to find in the Guild War milestones and the Login event.

GW Milestones upgrade 04/20 - 04/22

For the upcoming Guild War, 9 shards from different seasons have been added to different milestones. Here’s the detailed list:

Milestone New Before
Ribbon Q 1x Frozen Mistcharm
Ribbon L 1x Crystowl Fragment 3x Enchanted Keys
Ribbon J 2x Crystowl Fragment 2x Spider Key
Ribbon H 1x Harp String 2x Spider Key
Ribbon G 1x Harp String
2x Broken Shield
1x Dragon Key
1x Broken Shield
Ribbon B 2x Flight Emblem 1x Flight Emblem

Login Event 4/19 - 05/02

This login event will start tomorrow, April the 19th and will last for 14 days, until May the 2nd. Here’s what you will receive by logging in every day:

Day 1 2x Water Armor Fusion Boost II Day 8 2x Water Armor Fusion Boost III
Day 2 2x Time Piece (shard) Day 9 1x Fenix Feather (shard)
Day 3 1x Water Amulet Fusion Boost II Day 10 2x Water Amulet Fusion Boost II
Day 4 1x Silver Coin Day 11 Legendary T1 Water Pet
Day 5 2x Gale Vial (shard) Day 12 1x Essence Potion (shard)
Day 6 1x Water Ring Fusion Boost II Day 13 2x Water Ring Fusion Boost II
Day 7 1x Harp String (shard) Day 14 1x Flight Emblem (shard)

We hope these extra rewards will make your experience on Knights & Dragons more fun and entertaining!

Battle on,
The DECA Knights.