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    Raid Boss issues (NA ONLY)

    [Update] The issue has been fixed!
    We are planning for the next steps including compensation pack & re-verification.
    30% sales will be also extended by a day!
    Thanks for your patience!


    Hey guys,

    Regarding the Raid Boss situation, we are aware that the situation is still not solved. Currently the milestones and point calculations are not working correctly.

    We want to let you know that the event was tested before release and no issue were spotted as you can see on the EU servers where the issues doesn't appear. Spotting the cause is harder than we initially had thought and the fixes made last night were not successful. For this reason we are going to be keeping the event live for the moment for us to figure out the issue.

    As we know this question will come up, any extra energy received during this time will simply just be removed when we are able to also remove the energy from the previous gliches.

    We know this is not ideal but this is the only option we have at this moment.

    We will be sending out some small compensations as soon as we know it has been fixed. We do really want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding, it is highly appreciated.

    The Deca Team


    Dear knights,

    As you might have noticed, we are currently experiencing some inconveniences with the raid boss points gained, the milestones crediting and the energy calculation on NA iOS and Android.

    To avoid other potential issues, we will need to prematurely end the event while we look for a solution.

    If a solution is found during the regular run time, we will restart the event with appropriately reduced milestones to give you the chance to obtain the leaderboard rewards.

    Additional information will be shared as soon as we have them.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    The DECA Knights.
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