It gets worse


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Thread: It gets worse

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    It gets worse

    Just noticed along with all the other f..k ups, april daily log in has been reset to zero
    so no new shiny boost unit for me for the 9/9 log ins.

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    FUNZIO please come back
    In Canada a Vault of Gold on Android is $100.00 and on iOS it is $140.00

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    I’m sure funzio is quite happy with the timing of their payday when they sold to gree and would want nothing to do with it now. They’re the ones who built in all the issues that have often passed on to others, who spent nothing to improve it while he milked it for all it was worth. As bad as it’s gotten, more attention has been paid to it then at any point in many years. Too bad it’s so late in the game and feels like being told to take two aspirin and call in the morning if there’s still pain.

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    Deleting the game is better than 2 aspirin.

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