Health Pack Return For WD “Issues”


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Thread: Health Pack Return For WD “Issues”

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    Health Pack Return For WD “Issues”

    Hey faction members have been saving Health Packs for about a year now to be used during one WD event. Normally a top 400 group, we were as high as 64, and were ranked 72 when I was notified of your...unfortunate situation. Apparently we picked the wrong time to use our packs! Still, you can make the situation right by returning the packs not only to our members, but the entire community. I know some of my members burned over one hundred packs...that seems like a nice round number to return to every player of every faction.
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    Ughh! My faction wasted over a hundred health packs as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twist of Cain View Post
    Ughh! My faction wasted over a hundred health packs as well.
    The level of incompetence is amazing, isn't it. I highly doubt they will compensate us fairly. I too pissed away health packs.
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    The mw community always gets screwed by gree/deca.

    Nothing new here

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    You guys need to quit. I had a question for customer support in Clash of Clans and had it answered in 30 minutes. They are light years ahead of Gree. So glad I quit MW.

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    That's all very well if you like the clash of clans but I found it boring......

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