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Thread: Extra Gems on CoK Goals

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    Extra Gems on CoK Goals

    Greetings Lords and Ladies,

    We added a total of 1000 gems to goal rewards in the upcoming Conquest of Kings “Reaching the Unsanctified Marsh” (starting March 23rd @14:00 till March 26th @14:00 PT), as another part of compensation to the community for the server issues in January-February.

    A total amount of 1000 Gems will be given out. Note that those Gems will be distributed in random individual goals of the event.
    Make sure you participate and crush these goals so you don’t miss out!

    And there’s more! On top of this, after discussing with your community representatives, you will receive a login LTQ reward of 300 gems to give you a head start for this weekend.
    This LTQ will be active starting March 24th @14:00 till March 31st @14:00 PT. Upon logging into the game in that period, players will receive the full amount of 300 Gems at once.

    Any updates about details will be posted here.

    We hope you have fun this weekend and wish you good fortune!


    Note: The icon for the Gems may differ from the original one players see in the game's UI. It should look like the icon attached.

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