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    Shamrock's Shakedown - Take II

    Dear Knights,

    After the decision announced yesterday to not run the St. Patrick’s Day Event in the Epic Boss, we have created a new challenge for you.

    • Collect 10 Shamrock Thorns and craft the Fearless Leprechaun Armor.
    • Collect 10 more Shamrock Thorns and enhance your Fearless Leprechaun to level 35 and you will be able to craft the high-defense Fearless Leprechaun Plus Armor.
    • Earn the matching Garnet Wish Amulet at the 6.5-million-point milestone in the Raid.
    • Score 7,500 points in the Blitz War to win the matching Episcopal Stone Ring.

    MAX STATS Atk Def HP Element
    Fearless Leprechaun 4400 5007 E/F
    Fearless Leprechaun+ 6001 6767 E/F
    Episcopal Stone 906 164 E
    Garnet Wish 731 228 F

    The Shamrock Thorns will be available in the Raid (11), Arena (7) and Blitz War (6).

    Let us know what you think and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

    Battle On,

    The DECA Knights

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    What are raid (11), Arena (7) snd Blitz (6)?.

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