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    Patchnotes 1.49

    Brave Knights,

    After an intense Lunar New Year event and right in the middle of the current Raid Boss March Frenzy, a new update is ready to hit the stores with a few new features and optimisations, together with a lot of bug fixing.

    Let’s get down to it without further ado...

    New features & optimisation:

    • Added 6x battle speed in auto-mode
    You’ve been asking it in the past and now the chance to speed up your battles even more is here!
    You will find the options to set your auto-mode speed to 6x in the settings menu

    • Optimized armor inventory UI.
    A filter will be added in the armorsmith UI to make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for
    You will be able to select the primary and secondary element as well as the rarity
    This is a first step in the process of optimising this UI, which will allow us to implement further options in the future

    • New in-game shop tab added.
    A new tab has been added in the game shop. This will be used in the future to optimise the range of offers we can provide

    Bug fixes and improvements:

    • The system to exclude banned players and guilds from events leaderboard has been improved to ensure a fair competition.
    • Milestone glitches fixed.
    • Arena connection issue fixed.
    • Facebook connect issue fixed.
    • Database optimization.
    • Misc bug fixes.

    Additional Information:

    • Hunting Ground’s baits
    Considering the recent reports about the bait’s efficiency, we are currently reviewing them all. More information will follow in the very few next weeks.

    • Epic Boss freeze
    We are working on this issue with the highest priority at the moment. It’s not an easy bug to identify and therefore fix but we are confident we can give you an update soon on this one too.

    The 1.49 update is now available on Android and will be on iOS in the next few hours! Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Battle on,
    The DECA Knights.
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