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    March Cycle Update

    Hi Mobsters!

    We are happy to announce that we will be returning to the normal event schedule starting March 2nd, 3PM PST! See the schedule for March below:

    March Cycle Update

    World Domination

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Badlands Battle 2 - Mar 5 - Mar
    Golden Clover 16 - Mar 19 - Mar
    Chinatown Exorcists 30 - Mar 2 - Apr

    Street Assault

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Foul Play Investigation
    9 - Mar 12 - Mar
    Beguiled Witnesses
    23 - Mar 26 - Mar

    Hate and Revenge

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Manhattan Onslaught 19 - Mar 23 - Mar

    Hardcore Boss

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Banzai Akira 5 - Mar 9 - Mar
    Chucky Mayer 26 - Mar 30 - Mar

    Epic Boss

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Dirty Barry 19 - Mar 23 - Mar

    Raid Boss

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Krull Mueller 12 - Mar 16 - Mar

    Please note that any of the dates shown above are for planning purposes. These may be subject to changes depending on a lot of things - team needs, bugs, general planning, etc.
    [EDIT]After discussions with community representatives, there will be no major guild events during the last weekend of March (Mar. 30 - Apr. 2).[EDIT]
    We have decided to return to the regular event cycle with bonuses on rewards because we have resolved the major blocker issues in the events. Please know that we are aware and still are working on fixing the remaining issues and lags.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience, below are the main issues that we are actively focusing on for fixes in the coming days.

    Gold Sales:
    • Due to some server fixes we are implementing, the gold sales deployment tool had to be taken offline because it is causing issues with other events so there will no gold sales during the weekend until further notice.

    Hardcore Boss:
    • Players are getting matched with NPCs on the first day of the event: As this issue doesn’t impact the matchmaking on the subsequent days, and also competing with NPCs results in rank 1 for every player, we will still be running this event as usual until we find a fix for this.

    As always, if you encounter any problems please contact customer support along with your account details so we can better make fixes and compensate you if needed.

    Regarding compensation for all the trouble the server issue has caused in the past weeks, we are currently discussing with the community representatives so we will update you when this has been finalized. Please contact your reps if you have any questions regarding compensations.

    Good luck and we hope you will have lots of fun with the events to come!

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