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    Final Results - Lunar New Year

    Dear Knights,

    After intense battling against evil raid bosses and duelling with the strongest guilds of your server in the latest Guild War, it’s time to wrap up two weeks of efforts and greet our Lunar New Year event!

    For all of you that collected some or all the available Legacy of Panhu armors and upgraded them, it’s now time to see which community milestones was reached and therefore find out how much your armors will be boosted.

    The points scored across all servers during the Guild War amount to 2,544,747,019, which means your joint efforts allowed you to reach the 7th milestone set at 2.4 billion points. Unfortunately, the final milestone for the Guild War was not achieved, therefore the final 30% boost of stats for the Legacy of Panhu armors can’t be applied, but still you qualified for an extra 13% of the base stats.

    To thank you all for your great feedback that helped us shape this event and make sure everything ran smoothly and for the high effort you showed, we will apply to your armors the stats boost of the following milestone, which is 16% instead of 13% for a total of 35%. We are sure there will be many other occasions to create entertaining events like this one in the future, so keep sending feedback our way

    Additional News:

    - The ring and amulet of the Legacy of Panhu armor sets are now displayed correctly
    - A glitch with Pet’s special regeneration ability has been fixed
    - The additional 16% for your Legacy of Panhu armors will be applied to the armors in the next few days.
    - The 40% gem sales will be extended until Sunday March 4th at 8pm (CET)

    Battle on,

    The DECA Knights.
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