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    Update to the Lunar Events!

    Dear Knights,

    After the first weekend of this Lunar New Year event with intense fights against the Raid Boss, we can finally share the preliminary results of the Community Milestones that will define the final stats of your armors! And Itís good news!

    Your joint efforts against the Raid Boss made it possible to reach and go beyond the last milestone of 2,200 Billion points, with a final cumulative score of 2,429 Billion points!

    This means your Legacy of Panhu armors already qualified for an additional 19% increase of their stats. Whoop Whoop!

    The journey to obtain the best from the event is not complete yet, donít miss the next Guild War to increase the stats even more!

    **Additional information:**

    The first 19% increase you already achieved in the Raid Boss has already been applied to your armors.
    The ascension of the Spirit Legacy of Panhu armor is now working as intended. Apologies for that!

    In preparation and to not delay the stat increase with the Guild War milestones. We have set up a poll for you to vote on that potential 30% extra stats if the last milestone of the Guild War is also reached. You can vote on it here

    Are you enjoying our Lunar New Year event? Let us know in the comment below and donít stop fighting!

    Battle on,

    The DECA Knights

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    The event is fantastic, really enjoying the challenge!

    It would be nice to be able to have the Heroic mode themed with the lunar event in someway.

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