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    Raid milestone payout?

    Has anyone else not recieved their rewards yet? I was watching some videos of the raid armor and the stats maxed and people already got the ring and amulet which means they got the milestone rewards but I still havenít received mine. Have they been given out?

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    Myself and another member of ours didn't receive all of our rewards for reaching 10mill points. The ring and the epic pet weren't paid out. The rest however I received except for those items mentioned. I'd email but a lack of confidence fails me.

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    I hit 50 Million & am missing one of the Silver Coins , a couple of 5* Pets & probably other stuff that I'm not bothered about .
    Our Sentinel hit 80 Million+ , didn't get a SINGLE SILVER COIN & no Pets at all ! X-( Others seem to be in between these two but all seem to be missing something ...

    Another Top Down Failure ... I only they sort all this crap out before next Weekend Raid ...

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    Yeah a ton of people have not received their milestone stuff yet... many have but many also haven't.

    I think what might be best is wait another day or two and see what happens first. This isn't the first time that milestones arrived in multiple phases.

    But for sure prepare yourself to write a ticket with support.

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    They ruined the game.. you fought hard and got nothing. This is unique game

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    All of the raid boss prizes have been paid out to myself and another member of the alliance.

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