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    Producer Letter #8 2017/12/22

    Dear Knights,

    Months have passed since our last producer letter, please forgive us for this gap in communication! Those last months were quite intense and we would like to give you some more information about what has been going on in the realm of Knights and Dragons lately.

    Pet Family Evolution System
    The pet evolution pattern was one of the aspect of the game that was hard for us to corner.
    When pets were tiering up, the outcome could be a totally different pet. While it could be fun to have a surprise, it might be also very disappointing.
    One workaround implemented from the previous team was that every epic pet tiering up will end up with the newest Epic Pet. This would allow, indeed, the latest released Epic Pet to follow the evolution line .
    However, it was not the best experience as some of you wanted to keep a specific pet… It might be old but it is your favorite! So we worked on a system which recognizes a family of a pet and thus, evolution will always be consistent. This also means that we will be able to re-release some old pets!
    We are aware that some old legendary pets can’t be evolved right now but this is due to some issues and crashes that were detected. We are currently working on it.

    Gems in Arena & Epic Boss Milestones
    We did not forget!!
    As a reminder, we removed the gems in the milestones due to some glitchers who were using those “glitchables” gems to reach higher rank and take your spot in the other events. As the code does not easily allow to change the logic from client to server side, we are still facing issues. For example, there were players who cannot enter the Arena after switching account.
    We are deep diving into this topic and we are looking at bringing back the gems in the arena and Epic Boss events soon!

    Winter Holidays Event
    We are so pleased to present you the holidays event with a lot of activities to take part in, in order to craft the Yule Envoy. While designing it, we wanted to utilize multiple channels to provide the armors while letting you chase for the armor with the rare boss spawn. We had a lot of fun to design the two winter armors, we wanted to keep a mix of “bad-ass” armors while keeping the idea of the winter holidays. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do!
    Regarding the community event, the 4 days event and the 100 million HP Level 5 boss, we had a lot of discussions to organize, schedule and set up everything. We wanted to make sure you guys would have fun, try out new things and work together as a community to significantly increase your final Yule Envoy.

    These events have just started and we have already seen incredible levels of participation, we are truly amazed by the commitment you guys put in. To show our appreciation, we will be adding various gifts in a special login event at the start of january.

    These rewards include:
    1 season 18 exclusive shard
    1 Silver Coin
    2 Fusion Boost Ring II (Earth)
    2 Fusion Boost Amulet II (Earth)

    We received a lot of requests through the Ask Me Anything on Reddit, through tickets or via the community representatives on possible tweaks that could make your game experience easier and better. A few months ago, we introduce the second pet ability in auto-mode and that was a success that was acclaimed by the community and many players came back to to try it out. To continue in that direction, we are implementing new features such as the auto-rebattle in the Hunting Ground and in Raid Boss Event.
    We received many complaints that using baits was very tedious so we implemented the feature allowing you to use 20 baits in a row.
    As this feature was also popular, we decided to implement it in the raid boss.
    Raiders will be able to use up to 8 Raid Boss energy in auto-rebattle. We are looking forward to seeing the results and hearing your feedback!
    [edit: currently removed due to further investigation]

    Moving forward, we are working on some other so called “Quality of Life” feature. The armorsmith and “my knights” UI are currently investigated to see how you guys can easily sort the armors. We are currently planning into a first phase including the sorting per elements and rarity and then a second phase where we would include more advanced options. We are also looking into a way to optimize efficiency during raid boss battle and avoiding overkill, by showing the number of guildmates attacking a specific raid boss. Players would then be able to use their energy efficiently while making the planification of Raid Boss battle more strategic.

    That’s all for now!
    Happy Holidays on Knights and Dragons!

    Your KnD Team
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