Hello Mobsters!

Itís winter in Crime City and weíre ready to spread the holiday cheer. Every day you login this December you will find a nice gift waiting for you in-game.
As requested by the community, Christmas weekend (22nd December until the 25th December) and the last weekend of the year (29th December until 1st January) will not have any major weekend guild events.
But donít worry, there will be plenty of activity in-game so you wonít get bored at all.

For those who want to stay ahead of the rest, rumor is that thereís a new don in town who will generously reward any mobster who can help him with his daily missions on every single day of December.
On top of that, events between 1st of December to 8th of January will have stronger rewards for all participants.

As a great man once said, ďif you arenít at the table, youíre on the menuĒ so get out there and take whatís yours.

See you all on the streets.