Totally Discusted with Gree/Deca over H&R


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Thread: Totally Discusted with Gree/Deca over H&R

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    Totally Discusted with Gree/Deca over H&R

    Last 4 hours of H&R, lag was bad and got worse as end of event got closer. It was taking anywhere from 30 to 120 seconds to get any action at all. It took me several tries to even get server access with a second avatar on another device in last 15 minutes of the event. Another BLACK EYE for Gree/Deca.

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    Uninstall and walk away. You expect a working game

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    And I’m totally disgusted with your ability to spell the word “disgusted”!

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    me too, i'm so disbusted with dree/geca.

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    Luckily they've made a lot of improvements over the past four weeks. Not!!!

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