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    24/10 Mini Raid WITH ONLY 30 MINUTES NOTICE ! :-(

    Right as far as I was aware , until it flashed up on screen , THERE WAS NO NOTICE OF THIS RAID !

    I can only view the News screen on Wi-Fi & as of 2am this morning I was not aware of any posts on this Raid either .

    I was looking forward to a rest after 3 solid days of War as GM & Champion of two Guilds & being able to swap Ranks/ boot an idiot HC for causing trouble .

    BUT NO ...

    Four days of constant playing is a nightmare AND being unable to boot abusive players who are making others not want to communicate etc .

    CAN WE *AT LEAST* HAVE AN HOUR BETWEEN EVENTS GUYS ?? We'd prefer 24 hours & have Mini Raids Tuesday to Wednesday ... but doubt that will fit in to your plans .

    I'd like some acknowledgement here please , as I can only use K&D Facebook page on Wi-Fi at the Library , rather than my phone data as I'm using now ...
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