Hello Mobsters,

We have been receiving some reports of the KingPin Activation Point System not being 100% clear. We have reworked the KingPin FAQs both on the website and in-game to explain it better.

Please also find the information below:

“Activation PointActivation Point is the monthly premium (in KINGPIN Points) required to remain at the current KingPin Level. At the beginning of every month, you will "pay" this upkeep cost to remain at your current total KingPin Level. If your KingPin Points are less than the upkeep cost, then you will drop a level. If you have upgraded (increased your KingPin level during the month) then you don't have to pay any upkeep cost for the subsequent month.”

Let me take some examples for us to understand some scenarios-
So let us say that there are 2 players at KingPin level 5, player A with 30k points and player B with 25k points. The Activation cost for the level of KingPin is 27.4k.
Then after the beginning of the next month (assuming upkeep cost is applicable for both)-
Player A will stay at level 5 with final points=2.6k;
and Player B will downgrade to level 4 with final points=25k.

However, currently for Level 8, the Required Points are 150k and the Activation Points required are 171.4k. In this case if your points are let's say 160k at the end of the month, then as 160k <171.4k, you will drop a level and go to Level 7. However, as 160k>150k (required points for level 8), you will again come back to level 8 and your final points will be 10k. We understand that this exception at Level 8 where the Required Points are less than Activation Points is causing some confusion and hence we will be reducing the Activation Points with one of the next releases.

In case you have more questions/concerns, please feel free to share them in this thread and we can discuss/look into them together as it may help others understand their issues as well.