Gathering information on Game Center-iOS 11 issues


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Thread: Gathering information on Game Center-iOS 11 issues

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    Gathering information on Game Center-iOS 11 issues

    Hello Modern Warriors,

    We have received reports that some of you have been facing issues with switching accounts using Game Center post iOS 11 update. Please use this thread to share with us more information on the issues. It would be great if you could please reply with the exact steps for us to be able to reproduce the error.

    Please also include the following information
    Player IDs:
    Device you are using, and any other iOS devices you might have tried with:

    Thank you for your support.
    Queen Mila

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    Personally, I'm not having any issue aside from it taking up to one minute to log in with either my iPad Air 2 or iPhone SE. HOWEVER, pretty much my entire faction has given up.
    They run on Android and iOS and simply cannot get in the game. Only one other player in my faction can get in and only every few days. We have been playing since factions began and many of us since Funzio. It seems the game has become completely unplayable. Many of our guys gave up out of boredom with the same-old event and gold grabs over the last couple of years. The few of us that have continued to play because we like each other - well that's pretty much done when they can't even get in the game.

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    Lately I can’t log on at all

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    I have had issues on all 3 gree games with Game center

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    Same here. Going on 4 months now with issues with GameCenter. Can’t log into my other MW accounts. About to give up.

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