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Thread: Hardcore Boss Amhose - compensation process status

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    Hi Everyone!

    We have been working on the Hardcore Boss compensation for a month now and hence would like to give you more insight as to what has happened from our side.

    Points calculation

    The way the points were added to each account differs from what some of you may have interpreted. We tried to be as fair as possible with everyone and here is the ruleset we followed :

    - Players can have a maximum of 10 points per day (as per event design)
    - We added 5 Daily Points as a compensation for Day 3 (DDoS attack started in the second half of the day) - capped at a maximum of 10 points
    - We added 10 Daily Points as a compensation for Day 4 (whole day was affected by the DDoS) - capped at a maximum of 10 points

    Thus the final calculation was made per day and not as a total. This also means that not all players got an actual, flat 15 point increase. Let me give you an example here:
    Assume if a player had the following standing at the end of the event-
    Day 1 : 0
    Day 2 : 10
    Day 3 : 10
    Day 4 : 5

    In this case, day 2 and 3 are already capped, so only day 4 was increased. Since he/she got 5 points already, we pushed it up to 10, and therefore the player got a total of 30 points.

    Delays/missing rewards

    Most of the time, compensations are taken care of manually (at least partially), which inevitably takes some time. Our teams prepare lists of items, lists of players, and simply start adding items to inventories. I don’t want to get too far into details, but to give a rough idea, just sending the items may take several days if not a week.

    Now the issue we faced here is that the DDoS did affect how our servers logged information. It was later noticed that the lists generated were incomplete and more work was necessary here. Hence some accounts may not have received items at all.

    We want to make sure that all of you are going to be compensated, therefore starting today (26-09-2017) you should start seeing login rewards which will allow you to receive all the items related to the currently active Ahmose goals.

    Compensation goals triggers

    At first, we had extended the original goals so that players receiving items through our sendouts could still validate them and collect the rest of their rewards. Due to several players missing items continuously, we kept on increasing the goals’ duration which currently stands until Sunday, October, 1st (23:00 PST) in order to accommodate the giveaways via Login rewards.

    We are doing our best for you guys to get all the expected rewards and we thank you for your patience so far!

    And as usual, have fun in game!


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    Thank you!

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