Hello Modern Warriors,

We had received many reports about the following issues with Battle Points (BP):

1. Players losing BP after winning battles.
2. Players losing too many BP after losing battles.

Problem 1:

We found the issue to occur as an overflow for when players had reached the highest rank and system didnít know what to do with the extra points. It was turning them into negative, and hence why users would sometimes lose points even when they won the battle.
We are implementing a server side change that will now make it so you do not win or lose points once you reach the top rank. This will have the following side effect on the UI though.

Players with the highest rank (Prime General) will not be able to see the BP progress bar after reaching step 3 (1st position). We are working on UI modification that would be highlighting the Players positions for those with the highest ranks in the next client update

How UI will display after update:

Problem 2:

We found the issue of people losing more points than average due to the DS, TS, and QS calculations. Our short term solution is that DS, TS, and QS will only be factored into winning results. For losing we are removing those modifiers so people that lose points will lose much less.

We will be releasing the above mentioned changes as a temporary solution while we work on the longer-term fix of redesigning how the calculation takes place.

Queen Mila