Unable to purchase any units & rank8ng still not sorted


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Thread: Unable to purchase any units & rank8ng still not sorted

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    Unable to purchase any units & rank8ng still not sorted

    Months ago I put a ticket into gree. All my 7 accounts suffered with PvP ranking reset to private. Usual BS off gree - we are looking into it. Nothing happens. No comms of them at all. I had to chase them. I was told to wait. So I waited and waited.................... then I got an email saying all sorted.

    No no no! Not sorted. Replied back to email and diddles squat off them. Some of my accounts did get higher ranking but I think that was because I play daily. WHEN WILL THIS BE RESOLVED???? I WILL BE EXPECTING COMENSATION TOO I can't grow my stats like this.

    Deca / Gree please sort it out

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    all my accounts ranking are still messed up. i lose way too many points for lost battles, and lose points when I'm attacked as well. now i cant buy any units at the store because of "rank". come on how hard is it to get the person who broke it to tell you how they broke it??? or how ti fix it???

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    I don't see this issue as first priority problem to be fixed.
    Performance is major problem in this game at this moment.

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