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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Cash View Post
    AcctID, AcctName, FinishedWith?, Platform

    933 806 882, Donnie Cash, ?, iOS
    888 701 464, mrs cash, 23, Android

    Not compensated:
    503 892 849, baby cash, 19, Android. Last award: Chris Boom Box
    608 943 190, petty cash, 24, Android. Last award: Chris Khrysler 350EX
    864 348 557, no cash, 16, Android. Last award: Chris Brown M2
    502 240 575, Alex, 21, Android. Last award: Chris Combat Boots
    All accounts have been compensated. A few actually got more than they deserved, which made me wonder...I know, I shouldn't complain, and I won't 😆
    Thank you Gree and Deca for sorting this out!
    Android, wifi

    CC Mafia Codes: 888 701 464, 503 892 849, 608 943 190, 864 348 557, 502 240 575
    CC 720 641 277 Syndicate Code💥Daily players wanted, team, participate in all syndicate events. Officers must be on GroupMe. No gold, only donate Syndicate Base materials.


    MW Alliance Codes: 712 849 183, 135 451 857, 250 563 636
    MW 751 241 780 Faction Code 💥

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordStyphon View Post
    ID 746276911

    Don't remember !

    I miss items:

    Chris Leather Jacket
    Chris Double Scythe
    Chris AK102
    Chris Voracay
    Chris Rickshaw CR
    Chris Adrienne
    Chris Typing Bomb
    Chris Handgun Helmet
    Chris Hamm-Chucks
    Chris Desert M4
    Chris Sweets
    Chris Cold Suit
    Chris Alley Bat
    Chris Camo DE
    Chris Metra S4
    Chris Trip Kit
    Chris Drama Masks
    Chris Shopper Trap
    Chris Scorpion Coat
    Chris Beat STick
    Chris Bulletproof Coat
    Thank you Gree

    I got theese items

    x Chris Cold Suit
    x Chris Alley Bat
    x Chris Camo DE
    x Chris Metra S4
    x Chris Trip Kit
    x Chris Drama Masks
    x Chris Shopper Trap
    Lord Styphn
    ''The fundamental principle is that no battle, combat, or skirmish
    is to be fought unless it will be won''

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    I'm still waiting for my prizes.
    My main acct 499467970
    I ended the event with 25pts and the highest weapon received was "Chris Tiny Grenade"
    I haven't received the additional 15 points which should all award all prizes
    Please check into this as multiple tickets were submitted

    This acct ended with less and still hasn't received additional points with prizes
    456675122 --- Made 16pts
    239254126 --- made 23pts

    All my other accts were compensated
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    Player id: 101 935 058
    Hceb points: 25 or 28

    Not compensated yet.

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    Player ID 349 028 661
    Hceb points 25

    Not compensated yet.

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    ROFL - The compensation is based on the prize given but we didn't get the prize so we don't get the compensation.
    Deca - just give everyone who hasn't already got it the compensation before we have to suffer 3 months of 9 day compensation goals until you get it right

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