Compensation for Events during DDos Attacks


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Thread: Compensation for Events during DDos Attacks

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    Compensation for Events during DDos Attacks

    Hello Modern Warriors,

    At the very last weekend of August we were experiencing some technical difficulties due to our servers being under the DDos attack. As a result, there were issues appearing towards the end of the Hard Core Boss event Ahmose as well as during the World Domination event Operation Nile Storm.

    After the discussion with Player Representatives we agreed upon giving out to every Player who participated in the HCB event:

    • 5 Daily Points as a compensation for Day 3,
    • 10 Daily Points as a compensation for Day 4.

    These points together with the result that you achieved in the event will be your final score.

    Our Team completed yesterday distribution of items for Daily Rank Rewards. Between 5th and 16th of September, the goals for Ahmose event will be reactivated so that you can get the rewards which are triggered by collecting items from Step 1.

    In order to get your compensation, you just need to log into the game between 5th and 16th of September to get the rewards you are eligible for.
    Please note that this is based on the progress that you had made during the event during the and hence will not be the same for all your friends.

    We would also like to compensate you for any difficulties you might have faced during the World Domination event Operation Nile Storm and other recent issues.
    A Compensation Bundle will be available between the 8th of September 2017 15:00 PST until the 11th of September 2017 14:00 PST.
    It is a special Bundle similar to the one in July that we are presenting and we do not intend to keep it as the standard state of game economy.

    The design of the above bundle and its limitations are given below for your reference:

    Bundle 1 - Only 1 Purchasable
    Gold 4100
    Health 15
    Frontline Main Carrier 15
    Supply Drop 15
    Stamina 15
    Victoria War Priest 1
    Victoria Peacekeeper 1
    Bundle 2 - No Purchase Limit
    Gold 2500
    Health 10
    Frontline Main Carrier 10
    Supply Drop 10
    Stamina 10
    Victoria Brigader 1
    Victoria Crusader 1
    Bundle 3 - No Purchase Limit
    Gold 1700
    Health 7
    Frontline Main Carrier 7
    Supply Drop 7
    Stamina 7
    Victoria Spec-OpsX 1
    Victoria Firebird 1
    Bundle 4 - Only 2 Purchasable
    Gold 900
    Health 5
    Frontline Main Carrier 5
    Supply Drop 5
    Stamina 5
    Victoria Double Agent 1
    Victoria Violator 1
    Bundle 5 - Only 2 Purchasable
    Gold 450
    Health 3
    Frontline Main Carrier 3
    Supply Drop 3
    Stamina 3
    Victoria Thug 1
    Victoria Neptune 1

    In a gist:
    An attractive compensation Bundle will be waiting for you this coming weekend.
    To get compensation for the Ahmose Hard Cora Boss Event log into the game between 5th and 16th of September.

    Lot of fun in our currently running events!

    Queen Mila
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