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Thread: Client and Server update - 08-17-2017

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    Client and Server update - 08-17-2017

    Hi everyone!

    A new patch is now live on Android and iOS! Please find below the list of changes and fixes applied:

    Android Version 6.8.6

    • Fixed an issue where users could not view values of donated resources
    • Fixed an issue where opponent names would not be displayed in the Honor & Vengeance event
    • Fixed an issue where texts would overflow on the reward lists for both Frontline and World Domination events
    • Fixed an issue where text would overflow on the World Domination pop-up interface
    • Fixed an issue where a "Only Officers and above" message would appear over the "Speed Up" button for Faction upgrades
    • Fixed an issue where the "X" close button on “Deals in Sight” pop up was incorrectly placed
    • Fixed an issue where the division tab would not appear in the World Domination event
    • Faction members will now be able to receive a pop-up message saying "Raid Boss has appeared"
    • Renown information should now appear in the Central Command interface
    • The “?” help button should now appear in the Faction Goals interface
    • Faction HQ tab should now appear red when highlighted

    iOS Version 6.8.5

    • Removed the display of the UDID when starting the game
    • Removed the uplink display when starting the game
    • Improved UI display of leaderboards for the World Domination event

    Server Version 2.0.3

    • Frontline Lag optimization
    • Added an Option to refill most of the user's Energy Bar when out of Energy
    • Added a tool that allows Admins to message users in game

    That's all for today!

    Have fun in game

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